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"Uncovering the Benefits of Gratitude Journaling and Staying Positive"

Ashley Webster 0 Comments

We all know the power of gratitude, and journaling is a great way to cultivate a positive attitude. The numerous benefits of journaling can help you become more thankful for the good things in life. Not only does journaling help you to express your gratitude, but it can also help you to stay organized,...
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How Journaling Can Further Your Business Consulting Firm

Joseph Webster 0 Comments

Business consulting, you can say is a passion of mine. When you love what you do and don't see yourself doing anything else anytime soon, you share your passion and love for it with others in hopes of encouraging others to be able to do the same. When those that support us are able...
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3 Tips to Help You Tap Into the Incredible Power of Mindfulness Journals

Jacki Andre 0 Comments

The practice of mindfulness sounds easy enough, right? Put your phone away and be present. But mindfulness is about more than just being in the moment -- it's about actively paying attention to your surroundings and the people you're interacting with. It's about noting sights, sounds, smells, thoughts and feelings as they happen. True...
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