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Vegan Leather Journals

vegan leather journals

What is Vegan Leather? What is PU leather?

The 'vegan' or 'pu' part of the name is actually important. We use only pure synthetic leather and not "split" or "bicast" leather, which includes an animal hide backing of some kind. The PU in the name stands for polyurethane, which is a thermoplastic polymer.  

If you'd like more detail on this from a vegan author, you can click here

Why Does SohoSpark Use Vegan Leather?

Pretty simple, really.

Making a beautiful writing journal does not require that we take hide from an animal. Unless, of course, it's a faux cow. 

The truth is that vegan leather offers the beauty and the silky-smooth texture of a fine leather product without requiring animal skin.

Faux leather is also water-resistant and resists the scuffing of natural leather. It comes in a wide variety of colors and textures. The two-tone color change variety renders debossed art beautifully. In short, we suffer no design limitations using vegan leather that real leather would solve. 

By making this choice, we also make a small contribution to our environment by lowering the demand for cattle hides and the requisite farming. 

Does Anyone Care About Vegan Leather?

Do people know what vegan leather is and ask for it? Oh, yes...

"I was looking for a vegan leather notebook for three different purposes. SohoSpark provided me with the perfect solution. The Red Dragon, Tree, and Compass Rose covers are beautifully made and have a wonderful texture. The filler notebooks--blank, lined, and grid--are also of excellent quality for art, journaling, and note-taking. SohoSpark was very responsive and provided excellent service." ~ Dan D.

"Vegan leather makes great sense to me. My purse and wallet are vegan leather. It's exciting that my journals can be as well." ~ Valerie D.

Is "vegan leather" the best name for this material? Maybe not. In the long run, we expect that to change. But for now it provides a useful handle that consumers recognize until the industry comes up with something better and it becomes widely used. 

We don't hate leather. We just like animals more. And breathing. And our fellow Earth-dwellers.