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SohoSpark Compatible Refills


We get it.

You like what you like and the design choices for our refills may not be exactly your cup of tea.

No worries if you want to swap ours out. We've got you covered with these hand-picked refills that are compatible with our SohoSpark covers.

Each one has been tested for fit, paper quality, ink bleed, and ghosting. Read the details of each one to find the one that's just right for you. Click on images to see them larger.

Note on sizing...

Not every journal marked as "A5" is the same size. Some are A5-ish and that presents a fitting challenge for those who like to mix and match. A perfect A5 paper size is 148 x 210 mm. Our notebook, due to trimming during the manufacturing process, is 143 x 210 mm... leaving it 5 mm short of the official A5 width. We also round the corners of our journal, making it a challenge to insert an A5 refill that has square corners.  

What this means: You might have to trim the cover of an A5 refill to fit into our faux leather wrapper. 


This notebook has fun paper with a natural feel. The pages are thick and have a nice crisp sound. The paper is light brown and it fits into SohoSpark journal covers with no adjustments.

Fountain pen and a fast flowing ink pen ink wicked into the paper slightly, but the ink did not bleed through to back side of the paper. There was no visible ghosting. 


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The Bendt refill has 8 pages of extra information at the beginning, including personal information, world clock, calendar, holidays, airport abbreviations, world information, metric and clothing conversions, calorie counter, birthstone and anniversary information, as well as an address book.

Each page of the notebook includes a place to track the weather, day of the week, memo number, and date. Pages are off-white and thin. The notebook fits easily into a SohoSpark journal cover with no trimming needed. The refill lays flat and there is no ink bleed. There is some ghosting, mostly from pressure on pens with free flowing ink. 

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This is a high quality notebook with a fancy feel. The paper is heavy and crisp. Paper color is off-white with a fleur design on the bottom of each page. The cover is double-thick paper front and back.

It does not lay flat and will not fit into a SohoSpark cover without some help. Trim 5mm off the left and right cover edges and clip the corners. The notebook will fit comfortably after these minor adjustments. The square corner of the paper block extends slightly outside of the journal cover corner. 

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Packaging is always nice. Comes wrapped in tissue paper to separate cover pages from writing pages. Organizational stickers included if you want to include details such as the subject or dates of your journal. Smooth paper. Fits into the SohoSpark journal cover when trimmed 5mm and clipped at the corners. Ghosting and imprint, but no wicking or bleeding through the page.


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The Midori MD Grid notebook fits easily into a SohoSpark journal cover with no trimming needed. The paper is thin, smooth, and sturdy. Some ghosting is visible with all pens but there is no significant bleed-through. 

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This insert is very unique and fun. The paper feels natural and has a nice sound. The notebook is thicker than our usual journals. It has soft, natural edges, but does not fit into a SohoSpark cover without adjustment. Trimthe left and right cover edges back 5mm and clip off the corners.

The paper is thick and does not bleed much. There is a little ghosting through the pages when pressure is applied. Fountain pen ink did not bleed through the page. 

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This college ruled notebook insert has this pages of off-white paper. It fits easily into a SohoSpark journal cover without adjustment. The ink test showed very little wicking on the page. However, there is significant ghosting and near bleeding through the page with some ink pens.

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"I read in your website about other refill notebook options. I have these 3, from left to right: Black N Red A5 stitched bounding, the Nebula Note A5 and the stitched bound A5 from Stillman&Birn.
All fountain pen friendly. I don't pretend to minimize your notebooks at all; I like them more than these 3 but I thought maybe I could share with you my 'findings' but must likely you already knew about them."
~ Monica D.