VIP Rewards

SohoSpark Customers VIP Rewards Program!

Introducing the SohoSpark Perks customer rewards program!

Around here, we get a huge thrill when a customer turns into a fan -- either by reordering or sharing our brand with their friends. We've become somewhat addicted to that dopamine rush, so... we've created this reward program to get another hit... and to get you VIP status too. :) Here's how it works... Earn Spark Points Earn 5 Spark Points for each $1.00 you spend on the site. No limits. No exclusions.

5 Spark Points
For each
you spend


To Join Click the Floating "Rewards" button!

Redeem your points for discount coupons when you reach these levels:

Refer a Friend When you send a friend your private Spark Perks link...

Your friend gets: A 10% Off Coupon for immediate use
You get: A 10% Off Coupon when your friend makes a purchase

Sign up for Soho Spark Perks today and start earning Spark Points immediately! Find and click on the floating Rewards icon on our site...