Q: How does shipping and ship times work?

A: Ship times depend on what you choose during checkout:

- Standard shipping: 5-7 days
- Expedited shipping: 2-3 days
- Priority shipping: 1-2 days

Holiday shipping periods can stretch out delivery times.  

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: At this time we ship only to USA addresses. 

Q: How do I replace the notebook pages?

A: Watch our video How to Replace SohoSpark Journal Pages

Q: Where is your product made?

A: Our team is international: The owner/designer and part-time helpers are in Georgia, USA. Our writer is from Saskatchewan, Canada and our manufacturer is in China. 

Q: Will you personlize/customize the product for me?

A: We don't offer that service yet. But you can order personalized journals here

Q: This is fake leather right?

A: Faux leather or PU leather, yes. As in artificial. As in no animals had to give up their hide to make this beautiful writing journal cover that feels soft and luxurious in your hands. People say it feels like real leather. 

Q: Does the initial purchase come with paper already in the journal?

A: All writing journals come with a lined notebook already inserted. Refills can be purchased that are lined, blank, or a dot grid pattern.

Q: Do your refills fit all your journals?

A: Yes. Each of our refills fits snugly inside all of the writing journal covers. 

Q: What refills do your journals take?

A: We designed this journal cover to take an A5 sized refill. The actual size is 143mm x 210mm. Note that not all journals labeled as A5 are exactly the same size. Take care to check the actual refill size before purchasing if you buy another brand.

Q: Does the journal fit an actual A5 size notebook? 

A: The dimensions listed are a very common cut for A5. The reason they do not match the definition of A5 as listed in a paper size chart is this: When cutting paper down from the A0 size that manufacturers buy it in, there is always some trim as it goes through the equipment. While we could produce a refill that is exactly the international definition of A5 (and did at one time), the waste from the trimming process is considerable. Waste drives up the manufacturing price and it's, well, wasteful. This is why we list the detailed dimensions -- to help people who are mixing and matching covers with refills avoid an awkward combination. This is also why we provide our own refills... so people will know for sure that the refill fits. 

Q: Can I buy just the faux leather cover without the insert?

A: Not at this time, but we are considering the introduction of a mix-and-match service at some point. 

Q: Do you offer an Ivory paper refill?

A: At this time, our blank writing journals come with a light beige paper. The lined and dot grid refills are both on white paper. 

Q: How good is the paper quality/thickness?

A: The paper pages have an 80 gsm thickness and are fountain-pen safe. Check out our Bleed Test image under the product pictures. 

Q: What is the line pitch?

A: The lines are a comfortable 8 mm apart. This is close to the Medium Ruled or College Ruled size of 7.1 mm, but leaves a bit more room for those longer strokes.

Q: Can a Leuchtturm A5 journal fit in this?

A: I have the 1917 model Leuchtturm journal and it does fit into my SohoSpark cover. It's a snug fit, but I didn't really have trouble getting it in or out.

Q: Can this fit in your pocket?

A: Not unless you have very big pockets. Our writing journals are the size of a typical book: 6 x 8.75 inches.


We guarantee your complete satisfaction with any SohoSpark product. You may return it for any reason within 30 days and receive a full refund of your purchase price, less any shipping fees.