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Reframing Your Narrative is the Easiest Way to Create Joy

Jacki Andre 3 Comments

Have you ever wished that there was more joy in your life? What if we told you that creating more joy--and changing your life for the better--is as simple as changing the way you tell your stories? Studies actually show that whether we're telling little stories about our days or big stories about incredible...
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Start Cognitive Journaling Today and Change Your life for the Better

Jacki Andre 0 Comments

Do you ever get caught in negative thought patterns? What if you could learn how to reverse those distorted thoughts all on your own and focus on joy instead? Cognitive journaling could do that for you. It's a pretty new concept, developed by Dr. Richard Ragnarson. It's based on cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), which...
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12 Terrific Reasons to Start Writing in Your Journal Again

Jacki Andre 2 Comments

Recently, the team at SohoSpark had an impromptu poll that asked: Why do YOU journal? Not ONE person referenced bullet journals or planners. No one said that they journal because it helps them stay organized. Instead, the answers focussed on mental wellbeing, fostering creativity, improving writing skills, achieving goals, and manifesting dreams. And, hey,...
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