Tired Of Waiting?

Is your favorite brand responsive? Here are some ways to check...


Do they listen to you?

Are they asking you questions? Are they available for dialog? Are they  hungry to learn, or are they stuck in an ivory tower where your ideas don't matter?


Do they design with you in mind?

Maybe it shows up in the products they design. The materials they choose. The attention to detail they give each item. Maybe you see it in how their products are both beautiful and practical. The enduring value of every purchase speaks to you.


Do they take care of you?

No one expects perfection. But when you have a problem, who is there for you? Does your brand respond quickly to a complaint? Do they sympathize with you? Do they not only make it right, but make you smile in the process?

No Compromise

When you deal with mass marketers, you feel like a commodity. Don't settle for less than stellar service. 

SohoSpark treasures every customer, whether you buy a single product or a box full.

Photo by Cris Saur on Unsplash