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You don’t have to leave your current job to start a business if your goal is just to make an extra car payment each month. Instead, think about starting a small, part-time business on the side. If it goes well, you can invest more effort and grow it until you feel secure enough to make the jump to full-time in your new career.

Now this will be obvious, but some businesses can’t be started as a side gig. Heart surgery is really hard from your basement and space walks, well, they take a lot of infrastructure. Both of those jobs require an all-in commitment and lots of specialized training to pull off. Simpler jobs like a professional passenger pusher, mourner, or snuggler require that you be physically present to render those services. Yes, I’m serious and no, you can’t phone these jobs in.

There are plenty of jobs, however, that lend themselves quite well to the side hustle approach. Here are some of the more obvious choices…


These jobs can often be done remotely because the product is delivered electronically or the job involves labor that is unsupervised:

  • programmer
  • graphic artist
  • bookkeeper
  • Excel expert
  • writer
  • online tutor
  • portrait painter
  • goods reseller
  • drop shipper
  • survey taker
  • ad watcher
  • contest winner
  • website builder
  • phone support


These jobs usually have to be done in person:

  • waitress
  • barista
  • hotel clerk
  • photographer
  • gym receptionist
  • babysitter
  • nanny
  • personal tutor
  • car washer
  • dog walker
  • store clerk
  • personal chef
  • elder care specialist
  • personal shopper
  • baker
  • organizer
  • massage therapist
  • landscaper
  • lawn mower
  • interior decorator
  • house painter
  • driver (Uber, Lyft)
  • food deliverer


Here are some websites to get you started hunting for freelance work.

Suggested Reading

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