Shipping Assistant

A shipping assistant receives products, adds them to an Amazon account, prepares them for shipment, and takes them to a UPS store. The work requires careful attention to detail and moderate physical activity. A computer and car are required.


A typical day will include the following activities:

  • Receive products. UPS can arrive at your address one or more times each day. You must have a safe, dry delivery place for these boxes. To help prevent theft, do not let the products sit outside for hours.
  • Inspect products. All products will be new and should be in excellent condition. Set aside any damaged products and contact the seller to arrange for a return/refund. I will provide the seller’s information.
  • De-sticker products. Some products will arrive with price tags or bar codes that are not easy to cover up. These must be removed without harming the product or package.
  • Create product labels. You will create these from my Amazon Seller account and print them on Avery #8460 30-up labels.
  • Apply product labels. Apply these over any existing bar code.
  • Repack products. Pack products safely to prevent damage during shipping. Sometimes you will need new boxes because the originals are weak, damaged, or the wrong size.
  • Weigh and measure the boxes. Weigh and measure boxes on all three dimensions (width, length, height) to create shipping labels. No box can weigh more than 50 pounds.
  • Create shipping labels. You will create these from my Amazon Seller account and print them on plain paper.
  • Add a shipping label to each box. Tape to the top or side of the box. These are pre-paid so you will not have to give UPS any money.
  • Take boxes to UPS. Products must be shipped quickly, so wait no more than a day or two to reship the product. If we start shipping many times per week, we can arrange for UPS to pick up products at your house.
  • Track your activities. You will record your activities online in a spreadsheet that captures:
    • Date
    • Number of Boxes Received
    • Number of Products Received (by Seller)
    • Damaged Products
    • Number of Boxes Shipped
    • Hours worked


I will provide video training for the following tasks:

  • Adding a Product to an Amazon account and creating a new Shipment.
  • Working a shipment in Amazon. Includes printing product labels, entering box weight and size, and creating shipping labels.


I will provide any materials needed for the work. This includes a scale, labels, boxes, bubble wrap, paper, and tape. All shipping labels are pre-paid.


  • You will receive payment for hours worked every two weeks via PayPal.
  • You will earn $15.00 per hour for every hour worked. Round up partial hours to the nearest quarter hour when reporting your time.