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Using online backup software helps you prevent one of a business owner’s worst nightmares —losing data to a hard disk crash, theft, fire, or flood!

Did you know that the most common cause of data loss is user error? That’s right, you are more likely to shoot yourself in the foot by deleting or overwriting an important document than to lose data due to an equipment failure. Can you afford to lose a day or a week due to a single moment of inattention? These self-inflicted wounds are pretty common, which is why you need to buy online backup software, sometimes called cloud backup software.

Buy Backup Software

This is one of the most ignored bits of business advice around. Ironically, it is one of the easiest problems to solve. Installing online backup software takes minutes and can save you days or weeks of headaches trying to recover your data — if you can recover it at all (some hard drive crashes are not recoverable).

Automatic Backup Software

If your backup solution is not automatic, it becomes yet another chore on your daily (yes, daily) to-do list. Chances are good that you’ll put it off and, according to Murphy, your hard drive will fail or your laptop will sprout legs and wander away right before you get around to making a backup copy of your data.

The reason online backup software is so popular is that it becomes automatic backup software — you set it and forget it! That’s the way to create a true safety net.

Computer Backup Software

My recommended solution is an industry veteran, offers a quick setup process, is very affordable, and makes it easy to restore a lost file. And that, after all, is the point of using backup software in the first place.

Carbonite has been my go-to backup solution for years at home. The unlimited personal version can handle a lot of data, including image files.

If you can pinch a penny ’til it screams (guilty), maybe you should start with Mozy. I used this solution until my backup needs outgrew the free version. This level won’t handle a lot of big files, so it’s is not good for photographers or those with many video files.

Test Your Backup

Installing software doesn’t take long. Proving that it works and has your back is another quick step that you should take so that you can sleep nights. The process is very easy:

  1. Create a file that you don’t need (or copy one)
  2. Run a backup (or wait until it runs automatically)
  3. Delete the file you created
  4. Use the Restore function to restore the lost file

That’s it. Do this just one time and you’ll feel safe, knowing that your backup software is watching over your important documents and data.

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