Want To Start Your Own Online Business?

To start your own online business that you can run on auto-pilot, start with these two things:

  • Sell Products 
  • Start on Amazon

Why Products?

An online product business can run without your physical presence. Products sell while you’re sleeping. Or sick. Or on vacation. They sell around the clock.

Products sell when it’s freezing outside or your car won’t start or the kids have the flu. Nothing can stop you from making money in a product business except running out of stock.

Once you get your product online and people are buying it, all you have to do is reorder stock to keep the cash flowing.​ It’s the closest thing to an automatic cash machine you’ll ever build.

Why Amazon?

If you want to catch fish, go where the fish are.  Amazon has over 300 million customers online (with credit cards on file) and that number grows every day. They dominate online retail, owning half of the market.

And… online retail is still very young. Compared to total retail sales, online retail is only 11.7% (1). It’s a huge growth industry — and there’s never been a better time to get in.​

Plus it’s never been easier to get started. There are thousands of products already being made that are not sold on Amazon. You may think that Amazon stocks everything already. They don’t.

Amazon has created great tools for sellers and the know-how available in the seller community is now quite mature. ​

How Do I Get Started?

What you don’t do is rush out and spend thousands of dollars on your first product, hoping for the best. There are safe, proven ways to get started even if you know nothing about online retail. That was me in early 2016. Now I have three successful products selling online.

Check out my Amazon story.

Validate Your Product

We don’t just throw a product out there and hope for the best. We validate the demand, the depth of the market, and the stability of the prices. We buy smart!

Finding Product Ideas

There is no shortage of places to find product ideas. It may seem hard at first, but once you get in the habit of paying attention to the products and needs in your world, you’ll have a different problem — choosing from so many!

Find Your Why

The power to launch and sustain your online product business comes from having a strong why. Find yours, and make it visible. Remind yourself of it every day.

First Product Guidelines

Stay out of trouble when launching your first product on Amazon by sticking to these guidelines:

  • Small — saves on shipping and inventory cost
  • Light — saves on shipping cost
  • Sturdy — will survive the bumps and bruises of shipping and warehouse handling
  • Timeless — something that will sell long after the latest fad is forgotten
  • Not Seasonal — something (or a mixture of products) that you can sell year-round

Make A Touch List

Spend a week or two making a “touch list.” Write down everything you touch, use, buy. This is a great way to identify a category of products — and possibly a specific product — that you will enjoy selling online.