Business Strategy 101

“The price of greatness is responsibility.” ~ Winston Churchill

I’ve been the manager and I’ve been the managee. We all aspire to be great managers but it seems that few of us rise from the pack.  Jim Collins can help.

Good to Great by Jim Collins

Collins defines a great company as having 15 years of increased profits. You may think that companies become great by having a solid gold CEO. Collin’s 21-person research team combed through thousands of documents for 1,435 companies over a five year period. What they discovered was 11 distinctive attributes that challenge the corporate status quo.

Among the more powerful insights is the Hedgehog Concept, representing a single area of focus for a company that allows them to outshine their competitors. This concept of zealous focus to the exclusion of other distractions is one of many great principles distilled by the Collins team and articulately described by the author.

Collin’s assertion that “Good is the enemy of great” should lead us to build and observe a long list of things not to do.

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