Business Naming

Business naming is not easy but there are some great services available to help. A worldwide audience of creative people act as a giant company name generator that will help you brainstorm company name ideas, marketing slogans, taglines, etc.

Business Naming Services

Here are my favorites:


For about $200, the squad will generate dozens or hundreds of ideas in just a few days. I used this service for the website you are on now and they created 363 ideas in just three days. That’s a lot of bang for the buck and I got to leverage my time by doing something else while all those names piled up!


Starting around $400, this one is a bit more expensive but they do more work on your new name. Their creatives not only generate name ideas, but will also spend some time voting on them. The result is that you know which names are the most popular — at least among the creative crowd who contribute to such contests. If those opinions are important to you, ante up for the extra time and effort this gang puts in.

How to Name a Business

Business naming should be done with care so that your primary customers both understand and respect your brand. Things to consider when naming a business:

  • age
  • gender
  • income
  • geography
  • culture
  • style
  • clarity
  • ease of pronouncing
  • meaning
  • logo options

For example, if you’re selling products or services to teenagers, then you’re name will have to be trendy and cool. Sounding old or stodgy will be a turn-off for this audience. If you’re selling to middle-aged men, naming a business something professional and solid will put your prospects at ease.

Register Your Business Name

A sole proprietor does not have to register at the state level unless they are using a name other than their own (a DBA). Other organization types like corporations, non-profits, and LLC’s require that you register with the appropriate agency.

Make sure you do a corporate name search to make sure that the name you have chosen is free of legal entanglements. Do this at the country level as a trademark search and also do it at the state level to ensure that you are free of local conflicts. State registered corporations do not have to register at the country level and thus could create a problem for you if you infringe on their brand. For the DIY crowd, here are some search tool examples:

Once you have decided on a business name and business structure, make sure you register it with one of the state agencies.

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