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Your new business needs the right public image. How do you choose the right logo design company to create business logo ideas that will represent your new small business?

Think of your company logo as the visible part of your brand — and the company logo ideas from a business logo design company as fuel for your marketing engine.

Will you use a classic, traditional look or something very modern and trendy. See our business naming tips for more on this.

Logo Design Company

The experts at 99Designs provide affordable business logo design by marshaling a world of creative talent through an easy-to-use website. You get to work with dozens of highly talented people, each of whom will have fresh, unique ideas for your small business logo.

The logo for SohoSpark was generated through 99Designs and my experience working with this company’s website and creative crowd was first rate. The website is easy to use. The dashboard lets you eliminate irrelevant designs quickly and a message view groups design attempts by designer so that you can keep track of what you’ve said to each person. Don’t be fooled by the “99” part of their name. My logo contest generated 434 design entries by 70 designers. That’s a lot of bang for my branding buck!

Before you start: Be prepared to interact with the design community. A lot. I was on the website several times each day, eliminating irrelevant or lesser designs and giving feedback and direction to maximize the effort from the creatives. This is not the kind of project you can launch and then leave for vacation.

Pro Tip: Guarantee your project right away. This shows the creative crowd that you are serious and that their time will not be wasted. I did not do this for the first couple of days and after I did, I noticed a sharp jump in the participation by some very talented artists.

A pleasant surprise was the poll feature that lets you ask your friends and social community to help you narrow down your choices. I used this feature after the qualifying stage but before I had to finalize my finalists for the next round. Having that external input is so helpful to loosen (notice I didn’t say remove) the personal bias from my decision!

Resource: 99Designs

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