About You

You have an idea. A spark. If you blow on it carefully and combine it with the tinder of motivation you can fan it into flame and launch your own business. Guard your flame! Protect your flickering candle of inspired action from negative people. Surround yourself with positive, supportive friends. Keep company with people who regularly add the right fuel to stay focused and motivated toward success.

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.”
~ Zig Ziglar
Don’t like your current story? Write a new one, starting today. Who’s gonna stop you?

About Me

The earliest business I can remember having was a paper route when I was in first grade. I think I got to keep a nickel out of each quarter I collected. As the years have passed, I’ve built a couple of successful businesses. Sold one and tried many others. Got the Amway t-shirt, sold books through the mail, etc. I’m currently working on what I think is my ninth entrepreneurial seizure (a Michael Gerber-ism).

I am always reading and have absorbed many books on business and marketing. I try to take something practical from each book and put it into use right away. Some of my favorites are listed here on the site and if you buy one through a link here, I might get a nice cup of coffee out of it.

My career journey contains a heavy dose of technology. I have defined software, designed it, built it, sold it, and supported it. I have managed teams of people who did all the above. I have also bought it, used it, cursed it, returned it, and whined loudly until it was fixed. There was some Electronics for the U.S. Navy, followed by a short stint in the civilian electronics sector. After that I want back to school at Covenant College, where I met my lovely bride, then off to U.T. Chattanooga for a Computer Science degree.

I am a career automator and have invested much of my life moving drudgery from humans to machines. Nothing annoys me like time wasters. And nothing satisfies like giving people back their time  — time for themselves and their families. Time to dream dreams. Time to chase those dreams.

My earnest wish is for you to succeed in making your dream of launching and owning your own small business come true. I hope you find something here that helps. I also hope that you will share something that helps others realize their own dream.

Start something. Kick up some dust in the marketplace. Do it today. We need what only you have to offer.

~ Michael Wilkes

Finding Me

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Michael as captured by his amazing daughter Molly